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Hello Ucreate with Kids!  My name is Kristen Mason from Busy Kids = Happy Mom

I'm thrilled to be here (I read the invite aloud to my husband!)!  I started this blog as a way to keep all of my thoughts and ideas in one place.  I love to find ways to keep my school-age kids busy with fun, practical, and purposeful ideas.  A little secret:  I also like to keep them "unplugged" but they don't realize that yet (shhh)!  I'm sure this sounds like a lot of you... we'd be great friends!

I work part-time as an Elementary Reading Specialist for our local school system.  I also enjoy speaking to MOPS and MOMSnext groups.  I love all things craft related and have another site, Kristen Elise Designs.  As a mother and teacher, I am passionate about teaching life skills in a fun way. Today, I'm sharing a fun and simple way to make pop-up cards! 

Open this card and..... surprise!
It's a pop-up card!

How to:

1.  Cut two slits into the middle of your card. Tip:  make sure your paper fits the envelope you plan to  use before you get started.
2.  Push out the middle section so that it stands up.
3.  Add a fun little cut-out on the inside.  It only needs to be attached to the middle section.  You will have a notch on the front, that you may want to cover with a plain piece of paper (see top picture).
4.  It's sure to make the recipient smile!
Thanks again for letting me be here today!  If you're interested in more tutorials or a cute sign-language "I Love You" card, visit me here at Busy Kids = Happy Mom.




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  1. My kids will be making this for their grandparents thank you!!


  2. These are so cute! I love the idea of the pop up card! Kristen has such wonderful ideas!

  3. We are making these for Grandma today. Thanks for a great tutorial, Kristen. Happy to have you as a guest!