Adorable Rock Turkey Tutorial by Cut, Craft Create

Hello! Hello!  It's Kelsie Ann, from Cut, Craft, Create and I am very excited to share with you this easy and fun rock turkey tutorial.

I LOVE using pieces of nature in my crafting.  For one thing, it is really neat being able to see these natural things being used in an entirely new way.  Oh and hey, it's free too.  No running to the closest craft store for materials- just walk to the back yard.

During one of my recent trips around the property I found a rock that could sit up on its side.  Even though I love Halloween, my mind shot straight to Thanksgiving.  "This rock could be a turkey" I thought.  Okay, so now I need to find some leaves for his feathers.  I pulled a few from our (now dead) sunflowers and ventured back into the house.

This is an easy project that could be fun for kids of all ages!

- 1 large rock, preferably flat on the back and bottom
- Approximately a dozen (I used 13) leaves that fit the rock's size
- Acrylic paint & Paintbrushes
- A pencil
- Hot glue gun

{Step 1} Painting!
For the turkey: I found it easiest to sketch out the face with pencil before I painted. The shapes are easy so let your child have fun drawing their own fun face on the rock.

For the feathers:  Lay the leaves down flat on a newspaper and simply brush paint over them.  Try to keep them laying flat; however if the edges roll up a little, that is okay- it gives it character!  Some colors may need multiple layers to cover the green of the leaf.  Let them dry entirely.

{Step 2} Gluing!
After everything has had time to dry, heat up the hot glue gun.  Then, place a little bit of glue on the bottom 1/3 or so of the leaf (use your judgment) and glue the leaves slightly overlapping onto the back of the rock.

{Add the date with a paint marker so that you can remember when you made it}
Once the first layer of leaves was set, I glued one more layer on top of it.  Make sure that the leaves stick out between the spaces of the first layer to add dimension.
That's it! {Really!}
This really is an easy craft that takes no time at all.  Place your new turkey as a centerpiece on the table, to display on the mantle or (if you're like me) place him at the front door to send Thanksgiving greetings to all who visit.
{If leaving this outside in the elements, I would suggest putting a sealer over the paint.  I haven't had any trouble testing it so far but better safe than sorry}
I am so tickled that Ucreate with Kids has asked me to guest post on her blog and I hope that you have all enjoyed this tutorial.  I would love to see the turkeys that you and your children make, so please share those too!
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Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann



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