Election Fun for Kids


Election Fun for Kids at ucreatewithkids.com

1. Explain the process of registering to vote by having the kids create a Voter Registration Card like this one from Mrs. Carroll at The First Grade Parade.Voter Registration Card for Kids

Mock Election

2. Hold a Kid’s Election like this one from Mrs. Williamson at Welcome to Room 36.  Just ask a simple question, cast ballots and tally results.



3.  As results come in tonight and the national map in colored Blue and Red have the children color along with this Free Printable US Map from Mr. Printables.  Explain what the colors mean and the different parties.



4. Keep track of the results with this United States BINGO Card by Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational.  When the results come in for a certain state put a penny on it and try to get BINGO. It’s also a free printable.



5.  No Time For Flashcards has a great list of picture books for kids about the election


Have fun and VOTE!

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