Hair Follicle Vs Powdered Urine Testing

You can get around the usual drug tests at work or during job applications if you use the right methods. While natural detox and abstinence a few weeks prior to any drug test is the best way to pass a drug test, this may not work for you if you only have a day or two of notice that you’ll be required to undergo a drug test. In cases like these, drug test kits may provide a better solution if you want to pass a standard and unexpected drug test.

The two most popular options are powdered urine kits and hair follicle drug test kits. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the decision to choose one over the other may depend on which method you are most comfortable with.

Urine Drug Test Kits vs. Hair Follicle Drug Test Kits

Urine drug test kits are kits designed to help you pass a standard urine drug test, where the lab obtains a urine sample from you and tests these for common drugs like THC, opioids, and the like. Employers tend to require urine testing for job applicants. Some companies also perform random urine drug tests on employers as one of the conditions for continuing employment.

Urine test kits come with powdered urine that resembles human urine when added with water. The powdered urine sample is formulated to achieve human body temperature, color and odor to mimic a real sample of human urine. Without additional chemical analysis, it is very hard to tell the difference between real and fake urine samples.

Powdered urine kits are affordable and easy to use. They are also easy to prepare, making them a good option if you only have a day’s notice that you are going to be tested. You can prepare the sample at home and switch it with the real sample at work. Most labs find it hard to spot fake urine, which means that you have a good chance of passing a basic urine test with any powdered urine kit, especially if you use a kit from a reliable brand. However, you may encounter problems using the kit if you are under strict supervision, such as when you are not allowed to close the door of the comfort room when producing your sample or when cameras are inside the testing room.

Hair follicle test kits are basically specialized shampoos that help remove traces of toxins and drug metabolites from the hair shaft. These kits may come with one or two products that strip the hair shaft of its outer layers and washes off drug metabolites.

A hair follicle drug test kit should be used at least a week before the hair follicle drug test. Some manufacturers also recommend washing the hair three times on the day of the exam to get a negative result.

Hair drug test shampoos are easy to use because you use them like regular shampoos. However, most hair follicle shampoos need to be used at least a few days before the exam, which means that you need to know that you’ll be undergoing a drug test ahead of time. A hair follicle test shampoo may not be the best option if there’s a high likelihood that you’ll be undergoing a surprise drug test today or tomorrow. Also, there are certain brands that may contain harsh chemicals that strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils. These kits may not be the best option for you if you have a sensitive scalp or have had past issues with strong shampoos and other body products.

Which should you choose?

The choice between powdered urine and hair follicle drug test kits depends on which is more comfortable and easy for you. If you’ll be under strict supervision, powdered urine may not be the best choice. If you only have a few hours notice that you’ll be subjected to a drug test, a drug test shampoo may not provide the best result. Look at your circumstance to see which option is better. If you are applying for a job and there’s a likelihood of an on-the-spot drug exam, it is better to use a hair follicle shampoo a week prior to going in for the interview. To increase your chances, decide to abstain from drug use for a few weeks or months prior to a job application or an employment review.