Mattress Selection Guide

The purchase of a mattress should not be taken lightly. This item will have a massive impact on your life and well-being. It deserves careful consideration and a good amount of resources. Remember that you will spend around eight hours a day on top of it. That’s one-third of your life, and possibly even more. If you get this wrong, then you will have to endure years of discomfort and regret. If you get it right, then you might be enjoying the best sleep of your life. This will certainly have a positive effect on your mood and your health.


Although some people dismiss branding as a mere marketing ploy, it cannot be denied that has some merits. It takes time to earn a good reputation and those that have done so should be celebrated. The best mattress brands, such as Nolah, make it a bit easier to choose a mattress because you can always depend on them to produce compelling products. You can also be confident about the quality of the item. They can trust what’s written on product pages and buy even without inspecting the actual piece, as is common nowadays with online shopping.


Although there are many types of mattresses, the most ubiquitous ones on the market today are either made out of foam or of springs. These are the mechanisms through which they get that bounce and softness that we have come to expect. No one wants a rigid surface to sleep on as that will only make us sore overnight. On the other hand, it cannot be too soft either that we fall right down into a pit as our bodies may get contorted. Spring can last long but its individual coils might eventually stick out and poke our backs. Foam is much preferred, especially as their quality has improved tremendously.


You will need to be conscious of the cost of the items. Mattresses are not cheap, or at least those that are actually worth buying. Some will have you paying thousands of dollars for the privilege of having them. Fortunately, you don’t have to fork out this much to have a good quality product. There are those that cost hundreds, not thousands. It can still be a big spend but it is definitely much easier on your budget than the former. You might even find discounts on sales or coupons. Get a Nolah mattress coupon and get a significant amount off the purchase price.


The foam will be covered by several layers of material. The outermost will be of particular importance because it will be in close contact with your skin. It should be soft and silky. It should not irritate your skin. This can be a problem with some products, especially if a person has sensitive skin. Some even have allergic reactions. If you have sensitivities, then make sure that you get something that is hypoallergenic. It will make a world of difference in terms of your comfort. See what other materials are used in the outer layer.


A common complaint when it comes to mattresses is the breathability of the product. You will sleep on it for multiple hours every night. During that time, the contact points could get hot. Your back could start to sweat which will make things quite uncomfortable. You will be tossing and turning all night if this happens. See if the mattress has features that will allow you to stay cool and comfy. Some have air channels that encourage circulation. You will still feel cool several hours into your slumber so you won’t suddenly wake up from heat spots.


Finally, check the warranty provided by the manufacturer. How long do they expect the product to last? Since you are paying good money for it, it isn’t too much to ask for a warranty that extends for several years. Some will give a guarantee for 5 years, 10 years, or even more. The longer, the better. You may even be able to try out the item risk-free for a certain period. Nolah, for instance, provides their customers the chance to try their products in their own homes for a long period. They can get a refund if they are not completely satisfied. This shows their confidence in their mattresses.

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