Nectar Mattress

Mattresses come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. But, if you’re looking for something comfortable, that offers plenty of support. A Nectar Mattress is not a typical memory foam brand. It has been designed to address the various needs of consumers, whether they want something that conforms, provides more than adequate support, or helps users stay cool during sleep.

There are many benefits of purchasing or trying a Nectar mattress. Consider the important facts explained below:

1. Discounts

Right now, you can get a Nectar Mattress Coupon – Up To $275 Off On Your Order and a pair of free Sherpa pillows. So, you not only save on purchasing the mattress but get two comfy pillows to go along with the new mattress.

2. One year trial period

Few memory foam mattress companies offer a full 365 day trial for their products. The Nectar trial period is long enough for users to experience all four seasons sleeping on the mattress, to see how it functions under different conditions and check out its cooling features. Those who tend to get warm while sleeping will want to know how well it cools in warmer months.

3. Generous warranties available

If users decide to purchase the Nectar mattress, they can be assured of replacement at half the cost of a new mattress, if the mattress becomes indented beyond a certain point. This is good to know, for those who have concerns about how well the mattress will hold up over time.

Buyers also have the peace of mind in knowing the mattress comes with a 10-year warranty on defects or craftsmanship. The company will repair, recover, or replace the mattress if defects are found, with no costs for shipping for buyers. Of course, buyers must maintain the mattress in good condition and must not damage the mattress in any way, for the warranties to honored.

4. Unique construction

The Nectar mattress is made of many of the same materials as other memory foam mattresses. However, its construction and many of the layers are different from ordinary memory foam products.

The mattress starts with a 6″ foundation as a base, which is similar to a standard memory foam mattress. Then, the base is topped with a denser 3″ layer of memory foam, designed specifically for pressure relief. A one-inch layer of cooling gel foam is on top of the high-density foam. It provides additional pressure relief, along with cooling. The final, or top layer is the comfort layer made of Tencel fiber. It is soft and quilted, while also having the ability to wick moisture away.

5. Fits most individual mattress needs

The overall support of the Nectar mattress is medium to medium firm. However, due to the pressure relief features, those who typically require less firmness may also find the Nectar suitable for their needs. Most people who choose less firmness do so to achieve some form of pressure relief, so they don’t have to turn or move several times while sleeping.

5. Additional features

Some additional features to consider when reviewing the Nectar mattress, are price and motion transfer. The nectar helps keep individuals comfortable, by reducing the amount of motion transfer from another person moving in the bed. This helps people get better overall sleep.

The price of the Nectar mattress is well below that of leading competitors. At around $700 for a full-sized mattress, this is a great price. In addition, buyers can use the Nectar Mattress Coupon-Up To $275 Off On Your Order, for even more savings on a new mattress.


Because this is a memory foam mattress, it can have an offensive odor, due to the gases it emits initially. This can be alleviated by letting the mattress air out for 3-4 days before use. Most of the odor will be gone within about 48 hours of opening it and laying it out.

Some people become accustomed to softer mattresses with less firmness. They may have a hard time adjusting to the firmness of the Nectar mattress.

The Nectar mattress gets great overall reviews. But, even if you don’t end up liking it, the 365 free trial allows buyers to make up their minds before investing in a purchase. The company also offers an easy monthly payment plan with no credit checks. Buyers only need a source of income and a credit card.

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