Advantages Of At Home STD Testing

Taking a home test for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) has many advantages. There are a number of individuals who avoid these types of tests in a clinic or at a doctor’s office because they are busy, nervous or have time constraints. Highlighted below are additional details on the advantages of using an At Home STD Test Kit:

Confidentiality and Convenience

Many people become extremely anxious when they think about going in and getting screened for an STD. Home tests provide a confidential and convenient testing process that enables individuals to test whenever they want and wherever they want. Individuals with disabilities can also greatly benefit for at home STD test kits.

There are at-home STD kits to satisfy every need. The kit is discreetly packaged and sent directly to your door. These tests can be quickly administered and lab-certified results will be produced. Those who test positive will get free doctor consultations to have treatment discussions.

Lab-Certified Results

The result from your at home STD test kit is lab-certified. This indicates that the results received to provide the same accurateness as the ones from the clinic or doctor. For the test packages, many suppliers exclusively work with top-quality, US-based manufacturers. These wisely-selected partners are screened to ensure that only the utmost quality packages will reach the customers.

Precise, Rapid Results

With an at-home STD test kit, all customers get their results as rapidly as possible. The basic process is normally as highlighted below:

• After placing your order, the test kit will be delivered in 1 to 3 days.
• It usually takes about 5 minutes to complete the test and you send it back when you are done.
• Results will be received in 2 to 8 days.

If immediately completed, the whole process, from the point the test was ordered to when the results are received, will take approximately 3 to 11 days.

Your Private Life Will Remain Private

One of the core intentions of suppliers when developing at-home STD testing services was to ensure every test package is reasonably priced; even without insurance. In addition, these test kits protect your personal information and your privacy. This stops information bureaus associated with insurance providers from accessing your testing history.

No longer can your insurance provider use this information to discriminate against you; however, it could be used to increase your insurance policy costs. Paying out-of-pocket for your own testing provides more privacy and additional cost savings in the future. Many suppliers accept HSA and FSA payment cards. You can use your card to check out as normally as you would with any other method of payment.

In addition, your privacy is of highest importance whenever your results become available. While they can be conveniently accessed, these results are only easily accessible by you. Essentially, you are the only one who will know your test results.

There is No Judgment

When it comes to testing for STDs, doctors should be trusted; however, a number of individuals still feel their lifestyle is being judged. There are individuals who have reported feeling embarrassed by comments made by medical practitioners involved with their testing process.

A number of individuals from the LGBT community have also mentioned being subjected to physical roughness, abusive language, being denied services and being chastised for their health conditions. This level of treatment is enough for people to avoid going to the doctor’s office or clinic altogether. A report has revealed that transgendered individuals are frequently reluctant to seek reproductive and sexual health care. In fact, more than 33 percent of transgendered individuals delayed or evaded preventive healthcare out of fear of being discriminated against or disrespected. These include STI screenings or pelvic exams. The potential of this happening is totally eliminated with an at-home STD test kit.

An at-home STD test kit provides individuals with the comfort and security they need and deserve. Testing for STDs is an essential part of the life of any sexually-active individual who is seeking to take full control of his or her health.

There are many reasons some individuals refuse to get tested at a medical facility. Fortunately, at home, STD test kits enable testing regardless of the circumstances and it provides a new solution for improving your sexual health.

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